Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Student Ministry

Engineers in Christ

Engineers in Christ meets regularly.  Below is a good summary of some of the things we've been working on so far in 2015.  (The pictures begin with most recent activities and work their way back.)

Included are photos of the following events:

(1)  We've continued our training events, practicing how to tap and mud dry wall. 

(2)  We also began our service project at Junction community, working on the "Moore house," a house that was damaged by fire.  We are fixing up and remodeling the dormer of this house.  The project began with cadets demolishing the old room and tearing it down to the framing.  See the picture of the twenty ton dumpster.  Other pictures include EIC students doing electrical and insulation.

(3)  On April 19, Engineers in Christ and some of the ROTC cadets helped put up educational totems around the Junction community.  One of the pictures is with the new major of Toledo!

(4)  For our mission trip from May 10-15, we went down to the Appalachia to build a handicap ramp.  Tracy and Brandy also worked on repainting a sign.  We also took a trip to a Presbyterian camp to see a yurt that needs repair and may be a project for us.

(5)  We also have pictures of Art Tatum's house and St. Anthony's church.  These are historical landmarks at Junction community.

(6)  Finally, EIC doesn't just work.  We also have fun.  One Sunday we visited the Great Lakes Museum in Toledo and went for pizza afterwards. 

Enjoy the gallery!

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