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Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Student Ministry's Beliefs
        In general, Lutheranism is a unique Christian theology which is Christ-centered, grace-oriented, and Scripture-based.  It is unique because, while Evangelical and historically Protestant, it embraces the catholic heritage of worship, ancient creeds and doctrines, Sacraments, and traditional Christian ethics.  We don’t see our history beginning in 1517 when Luther nailed the 95 theses on the doors.  We see our history beginning, along with the whole catholic Church, on the Day of Pentecost.
        For the best summary of what we believe as a congregation in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, reference The Small Catechism of Martin Luther, or the Book of Concord
        Here is a generalized summary of our beliefs at Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Student Ministry.

Service and Sermon Recordings
        Recordings of sermons are occasionally made available (via Sound Cloud). 

Student Newsletters
        To get the latest news about our events as well as three-month calendar, check out our newsletter.  
                Summer 2015 Newsletter

Rev. Peter Burfeind's Book, Gnostic America
        You can purchase a copy of Pastor Burfeind's book on the influence of Gnosticism in American culture, politics, and religion here.

PDF Files of Bible Study Materials
    From our Bible Study on the History of Christianity:
        A Brief History of Christianity
        Major Themes in Church History
    From our Bible Study on Gnosticism:
        Powerpoint Presentation of Gnostic America

    From our Bible Study on Job and Satan:
        Embracing the Satan
        Embracing the Satan (Part II)

    From our Bible Study on Liturgy and Contemporary Worship:
        Liturgy vs. Contemporary Worship (This is a one page version of the Bible Study.)
        Liturgy vs. Contemporary Worship (Fuller Version) (This is a written out paper reviewing our study.)

    From our Bible Study on Art History:
        The History of Art

    From our Bible Study on suicide (a powerpoint used in Army suicide prevention):
        Suicide Ideation and Prevention
Contact Information
Pastor Peter Burfeind    1 (419) 324-5535
        Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Student Ministry
        2450 Westbrook Dr.
        Toledo, OH  43613






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